mObridge Audio

Parrot Bluetooth

mObridge is a leading manufacturer of after-market integration solutions for vehicles equipped with MOST Technology.

mObridge products are designed for ease use, and mObridge's unique IP system easily support a wide range of vehicle types and configurations from a single kit.

mObridge Audio for Porsche - mObridge acclaimed iPod integration kit - was released in conjunction with Porsche Australia. Since then mObridge Audio now supports 8 vehicle types, including BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Porsche & VW. The supported vehicles list growing!

The ever-popular mObridge Bluetooth ABT2010 was released in the first quarter of 2008. This was the first "combo" iPod - Bluetooth kit available, so both Bluetooth and iPod could be easily added with a single part to a supported vehicle.

MOST Media Oriented Systems Transport

What is MOST? MOST is the de-facto standard for multimedia and infotainment networking in the automotive industry. The technology was designed from the ground up to provide an efficient and cost-effective fabric to transmit audio, video, data and control information between any devices attached even to the harsh environment of an automobile. Its synchronous nature allows for simple devices to be able to provide content and others to render that content with the minimum of hardware. At the same time it provides unique quality of service for transmission of audio and video services.

mObridge Audio A2010 MOST iPod & Aux

By fitting a mObridge Audio to your iPod, you'll experience hi-fidelity audio piped directly into your vehicle sound-system, and the ability to browse the full contents of your iPod on your factory radio. You'll also gain an auxilliary audio input, that many of our customers use for satellite radio receivers and additional music players. The operation of the auxiliary input is completely controlled by your the radio in your car.

Compatible Vehicles: BMW - MINI - Mercedes Benz - Porsche


ABT2010 MOST  Bluetooth, iPod & Aux

Pair your Bluetooth-compatible phone to your mObridge Bluetooth and enjoy complete hands-free phone control from your Porsche PCM radio and steering wheel. Make and receive calls, browse your phonebook, read SMS messages - all from your PCM and steering-wheel controls.

Pair your Bluetooth-compatible mp3 player and enjoy crystal-clear wireless audio. If you have a PCM display in your vehicle, a configuration menu is available to configure the complete Bluetooth system operation.

Compatible Vehicles: BMW - MINI - Mercedes Benz - Porsche


What is Parrot?

Parrot SA is a wireless products manufacturer company based in Paris, France.

Parrot SA is specialized in technologies involving voice recognition and signal processing for embedded products. It develops products in relationship with car telephony: Parrot chipsets (including DSP), copyrighted noise reduction and echo canceling algorithms, Bluetooth software stack, end-user applications, like Bluetooth hands free car kits.

Parrot's Bluetooth hands free technology can also be found in first mount in many vehicles, thanks to OEM deals with car manufacturers.

By teaming with Parrot, mObridge is able to provide best-in-class phone support, as well as best-in-class vehicle support. 

1000-C-BT Volkswagen CAN Bluetooth



XMD-A2010 XM MOST Radio

A world's-first aftermarket XM Radio kit is from mObridge.

mObridge's after-market XM Radio kit for seamless XM integration into Audi, BMW, MB, MINI and Porsche PCM2. mObridge XM is the most advanced Satellite Radio addition to your vehicle. Please note: the mObridge XM kit is a standalone kit, does not include Bluetooth, iPod, or other integrations.


Compatible Vehicles: BMW - MINI - Mercedes Benz - Porsche