Battery Maintenance

Battery manufacturing technology changed a lot over the past few years. Today’s modern European car’s battery requires only minimal maintenance to deliver peak performance in their intended lifetime (on average 4 to 6 years in our climate).

Modern battery does not need anything other than the occasional recharge if not driven long enough daily. There is no way to top them up. In most cases they are sealed and has a closed system to prevent tempering with them.

Just because your BMW’s battery is maintenance free, it does not mean it can be dirty. All battery should be clean at all the time. Cable connection needs to be clean and tightened.
Also they should be inspected regularly for corrosion, clean connections and state of health like charge.

A lot of  battery problems are caused by dirty batteries and loose, dirty cable connections.



Original or High Performance BOSCH Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche

Bosch BatteriesWe only use S5 Bosch Batteries or AGM S6 if Required

We recommend to check your car battery’s vent pipe/hose integrity to prevent early corrosion on the surrounding delicate electronics, like the intelligent battery sensor on most modern BMW or Mercedes automobiles.

Your alternators health will effect the battery state of charge or long term health, therefore testing the alternator regularly may save you more than a no start convenience down on the road.

Did you know most late model German cars engine computer will turn your alternator off if no charging is needed of the battery to save on fuel ?

In fact true the battery sensor the engine computer will command the alternator to be on or off, in multiple applications. For instance at full acceleration the alternator is turned off to increase engine performance as well.

Furthermore with the proper equipment we can recall your daily driving record to analyze the charging system effectiveness. Battery health and state of charge is being recorded as well, by the engine computer, until the battery has been disconnected.

We thought you may like to know how this energy management works on your fine German Import car behind the scenes.

Midtronincs GR8-1200 Car Electrical System – Battery Tester, Analyzer

If your vehicle is in storage at winter time or used infrequently, disconnect the battery cable to eliminate drain from electrical equipment. Keep the battery full charged at all the time, which mean you should charge it in every two – three weeks.

For extended storage, remove the battery from the vehicle and keep 100% charged. Charge the battery every month if stored at temperatures below room temperature (18 – 20 Celsius). If stored in a warmer  room,  (above 20 Celsiuses ), charge every two weeks.

Make sure you store your battery out of reach of children.

Cheap traditional, older model battery chargers are generally unsuitable to perform battery maintenance charge as they treat all batteries in the same way. They provide a steady but unregulated charge to the battery. This can easily lead to over, or under, charging of the battery and thereby decrease its lifespan.

If you work on you car’s battery, remove all jewelry from your hands, wear safety goggles and plastic gloves. You should be aware, the battery is contain corrosive acid, and might  explosive gases be present, therefore  work away from open flames and do not smoke.

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