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Oils and Additivies from Germany (naturlich) naturaly1068 viewsLiqui Moly synthetic oil is low-friction oil with a state-of-the-art high tech formulation. Approved by BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, PORSCHE, VW and AUDI .55555
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Cabin Filter919 viewsThis is what happens to the cabin filter if not replaced in time. Lucky no vegetables growing in them yet.44444
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MANN FILTER FOR MERCEDES BENZ1376 viewsPlease note the origin of this filter made in G,ermany same as your fine car , small details like this has not been overlooked, in fact attention to details is one very important thing sets us apart from the rest .Any questions?44444
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BMW 330-i1190 viewsIt used to be a oil filter.... POOR ENGINE. Not from the Ferrari behind...By the way our oil change is NOT only an oil change it's a small service :check all the fluid levels (except automatic transmissions without dipstick) top-up as needed,check all the tire pressures and inspect the vehicle visually, safety items like wiper blades lights and so on. This is the bare minimum you should do as periodic maintenance or car care.44444
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Oil drain back pipe, is your BMW burning too much oil ?950 viewsClogged Oil drain back pipe on 4.4 X5 2001,the most common cause of excessive oil burning .

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ABSOLUTE QUALITY993 viewsOur goal is to provide you with the highest possible product quality every time. That is why we offer you Liqui Moly.33333
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Oil Filter Disintegration Example1114 viewsSo ,as you can see ,oil filter quality does matter,there are only three original oil filter manufacturers for this cars : MANN (MANN &Hummel) or Hengst ,both German and Knecht-Mahle which is Austrian equivalent of MANN filters .We like all of them since they're the best what money can buy ,they all very high quality and made very precisely,by the way most of the time they also make the actual housing/casting for the oil filter.33333
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CAR CARE THE GERMAN WAY ,DO YOU CARE? WE DO !886 viewsCar care products from Liqui Moly. We have all.33333
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BMW Oil Filter destruction,cheap oil change anyone?1129 viewsLow quality oil filter could have destroyed the engine this owner got lucky no pieces got lodged in the passages . Do You realy want a cheap oil change ? 33333
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Cabin Air Filter901 viewsVehicle owner didn't know he had one of this on his automobile unfortunately. Allergy sufferers need to service more often the cabin filter. 33333
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Partner's of Ligui Moly928 viewsAbsolute quality for any kind of engine22222
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Elf oil894 viewsWide selection of elf lubricants are available. Elf is one of the best oil that you can get.22222
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