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Techmax 108.jpg
Thick crusted carbon gue on intake manifold for tdi931 views
Cabin Filter919 viewsThis is what happens to the cabin filter if not replaced in time. Lucky no vegetables growing in them yet.
F1 red bull race car375 views
BMW M3 Valve Adjustment with precision581 viewsAs you can see on the notes behind the measuring caliper it takes some calculations to choose the appropriate shims to get the proper valve clearence on all the 24 valves .
New tail pipes for Cayman S596 views
Crossdrilled Sport Brake Disc by Zimmermann1245 viewsZimmermann Sport Brake Discs Manufactured in Germany,this ones are not some home made discs by someone drilling them,the holes are placed scientificly and compensated by different casting of the steel and corrosion protected so they will not destroy your brake pads prematurely like some other cheap brands, again we like to give you quality products at affordable prices .
Speed orange GT3 RS at Sema409 views
McLaren-Mercedes920 viewsMcLaren - Mercedes

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The Techmax Team720 viewsThe Techmax team at the annual BMW training in Scottsdale.Oct 12, 2017
Audi R8 V10484 views540 hp Audi R8 V10May 01, 2016
BMW i8 plugin hybrid511 viewsBMW i8 plugin hybridMay 01, 2016
809 viewsOriginal MANN – HUMMEL BMW oil filter compare to Chinese after market BMW oil filter.Apr 22, 2014
BMW X3 Sludge1407 viewsWhen you don't change your oil, you need to change your engine. Mar 23, 2013
BMW X3 Engine inside1222 viewsA picture worth 1000 words, but in this case 2 words are enough. Replace the engine.Mar 23, 2013
Oil Sludge1946 viewsSave money on oil change does not work. Engine change cost much more.Mar 23, 2013
BMW engine1282 viewsNo oil or no oil change will end up in engine change. Which one is cheaper?Mar 23, 2013