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BMW X3 Sludge1028 viewsWhen you don't change your oil, you need to change your engine. Mar 23, 2013
BMW X3 Engine inside876 viewsA picture worth 1000 words, but in this case 2 words are enough. Replace the engine.Mar 23, 2013
Oil Sludge1130 viewsSave money on oil change does not work. Engine change cost much more.Mar 23, 2013
BMW engine892 viewsNo oil or no oil change will end up in engine change. Which one is cheaper?Mar 23, 2013
AdBlue emission reduction system310 viewsFacts AdBlue emission reduction systemFeb 24, 2010
BMW X5 lack of oil change717 viewsIf you do not change your engine oil regularly, it will look like thisMar 23, 2009
X5 lack of oil changes365 viewsBMW X5 sludged up. Do we need to say more about the lack of oil changes ?Mar 23, 2009
VW TDI pumpduse problem267 views2006 VW TDI BRM Valve problemFeb 21, 2009
TDI worn lifters looks like saucers299 viewsMotor work on VW 2006 TDI pumpduse BRM engineFeb 21, 2009
2006 VW TDI lifter and camshaft wear318 views2006 VW TDI. Worn lifters and camshaft pictureFeb 21, 2009
BMW 745LI engine oil leak repair350 viewsBMW 745LI engine, with out valve coverFeb 21, 2009
BMW 745 LI valve cover gasket replacement309 viewsTedious work to replace the valve cover gaskets on the newer seven series.Feb 21, 2009
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