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Mercedes 300-E after collision843 viewsPlease note the deformation of the crumple zone on this use to be mint Mercedes Benz this is why this cars cost so much to purchase years of testing and research will produce the best possible protection ,naturally driver did walk away unhurt.
MERCEDES BENZ 300-E860 viewsThe best possible advertisement on a not so recent but mint Mercedes Benz after collision , she took quite an impact the glass at the back didn't even got cracked nothing moved in the safety cell as you can see it ,quite amazing.
Michelein Tire Against Yokohama Advan Sport717 viewsMichelin tire next to Yokohama Advan Sport tire. They are the same size. Are they? You decide...
Shuttle Service1151 viewsIf you must leave your car in our care, we'll try our best to get you to work or home within reasonable distance.
Shuttle Service. How come you drive a Honda, not a bimmer? Local dealer has a GM's van...1059 viewsOur shuttle van is a Honda Element due to vehicles versatility, rubber flooring / no carpets / nonstaining seats and box on wheels configuration with great gas mileage. Does the job of pickup truck - shuttle van in one. We would love to use an X3 or X5 but with leather seats and thick carpeting and different seat configurations we are unable to use either of them unfortunately. We sometimes get the above question so I thought here is the explanation for it. By the way I also have a M-3 four doors, yellow as my toy and a X5 3.0 as a family car as an enthusiast couldn't resist either of them.
Snow Tires954 viewsWe offer you wide selection of snow / winter tires(standard or sport) in several different sizes and prices.
Snow Tires981 viewsBe prepared, get your snow tire now, before the snow flies!
Z-3 Sport Suspension1206 viewsSport suspension tuning for better handling with modified bushings and stiffer joints to enhance that famous BMW cornering we also replaced the tires with Yokohamas,she rides nice but corners like a dream .
Sumitomo High Performance Tire503 viewsHigh performance Sumitomo tires on VW Rabit. For more info on Sumitomo tires and for Sumitomo tires' review visit our Sumitomo tires page.
The Achilles hill of the BRM TDI engine592 viewsThick black smoke from this TDI engine could indicate a severely worn camshaft and valve lifters, ooops!
BRM TDI camshaft573 viewsLook close to the lifter. You can see the massive groove like a crater worn into it.
Is your TDI pumpduse smoking badly?584 viewsHere is the answer, poor design due to narrow camshaft profile eats the lifter and the camshaft at the same time. Came from the dealer they were ready to replace injectors and the list goes on. Has been serviced at the same dealership since new.
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