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Before you go any further into this page, please note that: Nexen tire is a budget tire. You can not expect a Nexen tire perform like a Yokohama or other brand name tire. A budget tire will give you a basic performance and a brand name tire like Yokohama, Continental, Pirelli and the list goes on have more research and development done which will give you more secure handling, comfortable and quieter ride and longer lasting than a basic standard economy tire.

There are literally endless choices for replacement tires when the time arrives for a tire change.  How do you choose? What makes a tire noisy uncomfortable or right down annoying; or the exact opposite smooth comfortable and very quiet. Well there are many retailers mass merchandisers discount tire places. Some are sold on chicken farms and from sheds, etc. in my experience (and I may say this after thirty years of it). They all try to sell you the magic bullet, as long as they have it on stock that is.

There is nothing will effect your car more then the choice of the right tire.  You already choose your ride let us help you to choose the right rubber to enhance the capabilities of your fine automobile. We can get you many different brands, most famous names, but even within those manufacturers some will work OK, or get noisy after a few thousand kilometers, or they will excel beyond your expectations.

Some of you may wonder why we sell or promote certain tires. Please let me give you a short and straight answer for that question. Because we know they are adequate for most cars. Just for instance the Nexen tires having a great review overall. We tried them and they perform well, but they are not in pair with a Yokohama Avid Envigor for instance.

We think NEXEN tires are good for an economy tire, they excel in their category.

But if you are looking for a better known brand then we can recommend the proper tire for your driving style, age, driven distance and there are many more different factors are calculated into choosing the proper tire for your fine automobile.

Driving is a fantastic thing which gives you the ability to go anywhere in total comfort as you wish but ultimately you are riding on your cars tires no matter what, you need to depend on them.  The right choice for this component is ever so important with today's high tech cars.  With our experience and guidance you will be on your way to reach your destination comfortably and safely at all times.

Nexen tire Review

Nexen Tire Review

The drainage performance has been maximized and driving comfortableness has been strengthened. In addition, the riding comfort is improved by reducing the noise and vibration with a new dynamic pattern and sidewall design contributes not only the performance but also styling in highest efficiency.

The Improvement Of Driving Comfortableness

The wider tread block in the center of tire makes handling and driving comfortableness satisfied and also, improves the comfortableness remarkably at high speed and increases impact absorption during driving at the rough road.

 The Highest Turning Ability At High Speed

Nexen N-5000. All Season radial tire with 5-variable pitch sequence design for noise reduction. Wide & deepened directional groove provides excellent drainage and braking.  Specially designed and shaped rounded shoulder block maximizes cornering grip.  H - V speed rated.


Nexen N-5000

Nexen Tire N 5000

The wider block design at shoulder part increases the strength of block and is superior to turning ability and elusion of unpredictable situation by raising the resistance to crosswise force.

We know that Nexen tires are a really good bang for the buck. Nexen tires comes in several different size and pattern.

We also sell, Yokohama Sumitomo, Marangoni, Continental, Dunlop, Pirelli and Bridgestone tires as well. Please not we are not a tire dealer at foremost but, we know our stuff. Our prices on tires are competitive. We provide  you with years of hands on experience and knowledge to choose the right tire for your automobile. We provide you with exceptional service, which may cost you few extra dollars more, than at mass merchants. We do not buy our tires at truck loads and try to sell sell them to you at discounted price just to move them from the warehouse to recoup the money invested.

Instead we pick and choose tire with you, assisting you all the way to choose the best, that is match with your car and driving style. Remember you will have to drive those chosen tires for considerable time after the purchase. Drive a fine automobile on a noise rough tires ruins the whole experience.

Thank you for your time and have a safe and fun driving in all weather and road conditions. Give us a call for more details to (1) 905.795.0419.

High-performance  Yokohama tires

Telephone: 905-795-0419

newReview of Yokohama New Advan Neova AD08 Tire


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