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Porsche 928805 viewsTony working on a fine 928 44444
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Z-3 Sport Suspension912 viewsSport suspension tuning for better handling with modified bushings and stiffer joints to enhance that famous BMW cornering we also replaced the tires with Yokohamas,she rides nice but corners like a dream .44444
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Brembo Brake System882 viewsBrembo high performance brake systems Click here for more info44444
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Mann oil filter housing891 viewsOriginal oil filter housing, produced by MANN44444
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Kuhmo performance all season tire,note AA traction and A temp. rating ,good quiet ride great in the rain824 viewsDouble A rated Kuhmo tires. A stand for excellent. This tire better than excellent.44444
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THE FRONT ENTRANCE WAITING FOR DRIVER JUST BEFORE TAKE OFF919 viewsRare find 308-GTS-I in factory yellow.We done a lot of modifications to this rare and unique Ferrari .44444
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MAD MAX Jetta 1.8t with giant intercooler four inch downpipe and 27psi of boost.917 viewsThis is a customers car with tons of modifications last time seen it had 27 psi of boost and horendous power 3500 rpm on ,does spin front wheels in fifthgear at 100 km/h and up,he
still looking for more power what can we say? Mmmm no comment.
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BMW M-5 VS. NEW M-5687 viewsBrand new 2007 M-5 just been picked -up by our client moved from a 2002 M5 to a 2007 M5,nice upgrade. 44444
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323-IA ENGINE REPLACEMENT AT ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX THOUSAND KILOMETERS DUE TO COOLANT RESERVOIR FAILURE !!!833 viewsWe received this very well maintained 323-i with partially disassembled engine (cylinder head off) due to severe overheating (coolant reservoir failure). Initial cost of engine replacement with new engine were twelve thousand plus dollars. Considering the value of the vehicle we recommended a good used engine to be installed. Sourced replacement engine final amount is less than half of the initial offer with ninety nine thousand kilometers in the replacement engine by Techmax.

Naturally replacement engine comes with warranty and the donor car's vin and mileage is documented/certified. We also did replace some of the known trouble spots, like water pump, cyclone valve, valve cover gasket and thermostat just to mention a few. She will be reliable for many years to come .
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BMW-Mercedes-Benz -VW-Audi new style wiper blades937 viewsBosch Aerotwin Wiper blades are the best in the industry. You may ask why? Because they invented it, other companies stole the idea and or tried to copy it. That's the one you can buy at major retailers for cheap. Don't want to sound ignorant but: How's that saying you get what you paid for?! You can't duplicate something with nothing! Retailers will make a lot of money with the inexpensive plastic rubber knock off, but delamination and broken support could cost you an accident or a lot of aggravation in the middle of your trip halfway to, or from your destination if the weather turns sour.44444
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C63 AMG 2009 quad tailpipes and hair raising sound627 viewsThe new C63 AMG is a real beauty and sounds mean too .44444
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