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BMW X5 3.0 litre engine1457 viewsWhat happened with this BMW X5? BMW X5 on our blog
BMW X5 with new alloys1864 viewsBMW X5 with new 20" alloy rims installed
BMW X5 20" rims and new tires1205 viewsNew 20" rims on BMW X5 2007
N62 BMW X5 engine valvetronic repair3394 viewsEngine work on N62 BMW X5 engine tedious work
N62 BMW X5 engine1424 viewsintermediate lever replacement on N62 BMW X5 engine for the valvetronic system
X5 spare tire lift out procedure phase one949 viewsIf you ever wondered how to lift out your X5 spare tire without breaking your back ?Here is the answer, the famous German engineering solution for the ease of removing the spare is (step one,) the lift out cradle fits right into the tail gate handle as you can see it (partially) to the lower handle and as you fold down the lower section it will lift out the spare and you can drag it out relatively easy.Please note you will have to hold the tailgate down with one hand otherwise the weight of the tire will cl
Poor module took a swim for X5 rear level control402 viewsCorroded X5 level control module
X5 lack of oil changes349 viewsBMW X5 sludged up. Do we need to say more about the lack of oil changes ?
BMW X5 lack of oil change704 viewsIf you do not change your engine oil regularly, it will look like this
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