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MB stepper motor repair C class883 viewsMB heater repair
BMW X5 sub frame bushing failure730 viewsIf you have an issue wit your X5 cornering and feel something is not right ,look for a common sub frame bushing failure ,the two front ones are completely broken the rear ones are just coming apart as you can see it on the picture
Mini Cooper repair328 viewsWork under processes on Mini Cooper
E60 N52 motor repair, oil leak from broken bolts880 viewsE60 N52 oil leak repair
Mercedes clicking heater 203 repair636 viewsLeft lever for for 203 heater is cracked. Right is the new improved version.
2007 BMW M-5 maintenance 508 viewsM-5 tune-up and repair at a glance
Mercedes Benz vibration damper875 viewsCheck your Benz crankshaft pulley due to frequent insulator faiure as you can see it on the picture
Mini Cooper gears and all for the transmission813 viewsMini Cooper's transmission repair. Due to spirited driving the ring gear could slip from the planetary gear case.
2003 Mini Cooper transmission repair859 viewsAs you can see the differential has been repaired, before reassembly.
Mini differential repair703 viewsWe opted to weld the crown gear to the planetary gear housing due to parts unavailability, only rebuilt transmission available at the cost of a small fortune. It was a simple solution to figure out.
Mini Cooper Repair454 viewsMini Cooper clutch and transmission problem
MBc class heater repair634 viewsNew lever is at left and the cracked one is at right
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