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Sumitomo HTRZ 3 VS Michelin Pilot sport662 viewsSumitomo HTRZ 3 VS Michelin Pilot sport. This is an upgrade from 255 to 275mm rear and 225 to 235 mm front tires. Needless to say the Michelin
is the smaller.
valve cover gasket replacement E60625 viewsValve cover oil leak repair N52 engine
German engineering when you need it149 viewsNo injuries happened. They walked a way.
VW Jetta143 viewsSchool bus versus VW Jetta, the driver walked away, no problem.
Bad paint job on 540551 viewsThis is what happens when you get a cheap paint job will look like this in a short time
winter tire package397 viewsWinter tire package for 135/335-i SSW flat black motor sport light alloy rim More info
winter tire - rim package356 viewsSemperit winter tire on flat black motor sport light alloy rim. More info
Semperit Winter Tire348 viewsSemperit Speed Grip (Alpine tested) performance winter tire.
flat black light alloy rim369 views18 inches flat black light alloy rim More info
Yokohama versus Continental481 viewsNew Yokohama tire (at right) next to a Continental tire suppose to be the same width. You will be the judge of that. Any questions?
Continental sport contact versus Yokohama advan sport tire462 viewsYokohama tire next to a Continental tire both 285mm wide (psst we measured the Continental it's 255mm instead) for a 2007 M5
Yokohama vs Continental tire691 viewsYou"ll be the judge which one is the wider the measuring tape says it all
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