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X5 spare tire after installation ,note lift out handle contoured nicely to fit tucked away at the back of the tire658 viewsPlease don't forget to use the wing nut and plate to secure your spare tire otherwise it could sort of bounce around, especial dangerous in the event of an accident. The wheel is quite heavy and there are a lot of electronic goodies built around at the spare cavity
X5 behind the scenes picture for what a blower motor replacement takes692 views
X5 dashless view with reinforcement bar and fuse box at the front blower at the center aft of windshield709 viewsThe reinforcement bar has multiple purpose ,one to stiffen up the chassis the second is to hold the dashboard and all the other components secured to it like steering column etc.
X5 Blower motor replacement in progress664 views
X5 spare tire just before installation, tire well view with handle nicely tucked away697 viewsJust in case if you have ever wondered what's in that hump above your spare tire ,that contains the air pump for your level control for the rear suspension, staying with the subject of rear level control please note you CAN'T make a proper wheel alignment on the X5 (with level control ) without recalibrating the ride height periodically due to limited (camber) adjustment at the rear suspension, it's very important especially with wider rear tires (lower ride height will destroy the inner side of the rear tires due to excessive rear camber )
X5 spare tire lift out procedure phase one949 viewsIf you ever wondered how to lift out your X5 spare tire without breaking your back ?Here is the answer, the famous German engineering solution for the ease of removing the spare is (step one,) the lift out cradle fits right into the tail gate handle as you can see it (partially) to the lower handle and as you fold down the lower section it will lift out the spare and you can drag it out relatively easy.Please note you will have to hold the tailgate down with one hand otherwise the weight of the tire will cl
BMW M3 Coupe engine the art of engineering504 viewsThe famous 4.0 l V8 light alloy Engine of the BMW M3 Coupe sedan and convertible for the ultimate ride ,smooth and powerful , above four thousand rpm you unleash the beast within this otherwise docile ride
BMW M3 Sedan in silverstone blue is a beauty544 viewsBMW M3 Sedan in silverstone blue is my favorite ride
Dunlop tire with multiple sidewall cracks 363 viewsDunlop tire with serious cracks. Ouch!!!
Dunlop SP sport Tire problems346 viewsCracked Dunlop tire side wall. Check your tires regularly. This tire was cracked on multiple places. The inside cracks are quite dangerous.
Engine mounts are essential part of your car357 viewsThe difference between an old and new Engine Mount
Work in progress on 330-i433 viewsPay close attention to common oil leak at right front corner of the 2006 330-i
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