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The simple oil change is not that simple anymore on your high tech German Import car, as the quest is on for lower fuel consumption and better long term lubrication.

Motor oil and oil filters are an important part of today's sophisticated high output engines. Proper vehicle maintenance is ever more crucial than it used to be in the past. The importance of timely and proper oil changes with their specific filters are the most essential service you could perform on your vehicle to protect its engine which is the heart of your investment.

Needless to say we can't overstate the cost of mechanical break down if the wrong fluids and filters are used. The true cost could exceed the value of the vehicle in many instances.

The longer you plan on keeping your fine European Import car, diesel or gas, the frequency of the maintenance intervals are ever more vital to reduce to the wear and tear in the car's  engine. It will extend the life of your vehicle, it's just common sense approach.

Clean, properly filtered oil lubricating vital engine components ensures smooth reliable efficient performance thru out the lifetime of your car's engine. Please note, having topped up the engine's oil level with the wrong oil or a not approved grade or type of motor oil,  if in dire need may reduce your oil service intervals substantially.

Many of the direct fuel injected vehicles, due to the high friction, generated by the high pressure pump, may suffer irreversible damage  just by topping up the oil with the wrong type or not approved oil without the specific additives to cope with the friction and wear generated by this delicate components. Turbo charged engines are also highly stressed by excessive heat generated by the turbo chargers themselves.

Therefore, if  you would like to get optimal level of driving performance, choosing a high performance oil filter with high quality, long life synthetic motor oil may be the best option for you.

Our advice, at first and foremost; Get your oil change done by a professional technician with the proper knowledge of the type of oil and oil filter required by your vehicles manufacturer. Or in some instances with over decades of experience may suggest a different brand or type of oil better suited to your driving habits.

Many manufacturers suggest thinner oils today to gain better fuel consumption. There are possibly wiser choices available if you like to retain the use of your vehicle longer.

Most manufacturer have multiple grades and types of motor oils approved, depending on their certifications of the proper lubricant.

Your technician should know the difference.

Needless to say we are here to help to make your car last longer and perform better in the long run.

Before we go any further, let say we know how to make high tech European engines last for a long time. We have a proven record as you can see on many of our long term clients vehicles. We have some of them way over three hundred and fifty thousand and one with nearly four hundred and fifty thousand kilometers of daily driving.

oil change

See our BMW repair's blog post with the picture of the vehicle and it's proud owner. We have been looking after his vehicle for over ten years.

There are a lot of changes to today's modern engines and lubricants get a special attention since there are significant fuel savings could be achieved by the re engineering of the motor oil to be a very high tech component in today's sophisticated engines.

About ten years ago we had the car manufacturers in Europe formed a new standard which is called the ACEA standard which was intended to be a significantly higher standard than the North American API standard which was set by the North American petroleum companies.  Read more ACEA related info on our engine oil essential page...

Today suffice to say we have a lot's of confusing numbers and letters to deal with since all the major European manufacturers has their own special numbering to their individual engine oil specifications.

There is no better way to make your car last longer and perform better so this why it's absolutely essential to choose an expert to look after your oil changes with the proper filter on today's sophisticated European automobiles.

We are looking forward to answering your questions and receiving your requests. Please don't hesitate to ask at: (1) 905.795.0419

You can see the differences

Slugged up oil pan and after cleaned up 2 hours later. The first photo, the car's owner skipped oil and oil filter changes, that caused to sludge up the oil pan. The second photo is how a clean oil pan should look like.

sludged up oil pan  clean oil pan


To view bigger version of the next photos, visit out on-line photo album.

Oil sludge in BMW engine

When you don't change oil in your car, or you did not do it properly,  sooner or later you need to change your car's engine. View more...



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