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Lets not talk about the Volkswagen's emissions scandal, also known as Dieselgate. Scandal or not Diesel engines are around since a long time and they will be around for many  years to come. What speaks for the diesel?

There are many things. Diesel engines are more powerful, in particular, from low speeds the diesel accelerates much better than a gasoline engine. The diesel engines are more economical, more fuel efficient, and much more environmentally friendly than gasoline engines.

Let's face it. Transportation is the largest single source of air pollution in the United States and still the nationwide diesel choices in passenger automobile in US are almost nonexistent. However if US have the share of diesel cars as high as in Western Europe, it could save in US alone 1.33 billion liters of gasoline a year. When cars burn 1.33 billion liters of gasoline, they produces a humongous amount of carbon monoxide and many other hazardous air pollutants (toxics).

Of course many people believe the future is the electric cars, but for transportation and I mean not just trucking, there are shipping vessels and trains, they use diesel engines too, therefore it will take times, before we will see changes.

In Canada the environmental performance already is viewed as an important measure of a new car, unfortunately in United States not yet.

Here in Canada more and more motorists realized the advantages of diesel. The diesel personal automobiles are much more popular here, than in the US and they are getting even more popular day by day.

If you drive a diesel import car visit us. Our diesel service include diesel system clean which mean expert engine interior cleaning especially developed for diesel vehicles. This will reduced oil consumption and engine wearing, also this will ensure that your diesel will stay frugal and will drive sporty. Our diesel service based on the latest on the original manufacturer's literacy for your vehicle. Some of the details are:

We offer first-class diesel service.
We use original parts, mainly from BOSCH or top quality after market parts.
The best oil for your car, if you wish it can be long life synthetic motor oil. Our oil change include, a new oil filter and clean waste disposal.

Also we offer Seasonal Vehicle checks. Spring, autumn and winter are calling your car in a special way. Our checks and service will  make your diesel import vehicle ready for these challenges.

Diesel System Cleaner

Our diesel system cleaning procedure reduces pollution emissions and optimize the smoke concentration. Cleans the injection nozzles and the whole fuel system of any trouble some deposits.

Prevents the injections needles from seizing and resinifying. Optimizes the combustion process and the engine recovers its original performance. Suitable for all aspirated and turbocharged diesel engine. It will solve many problems.


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