Custom Performance Wheels for your Porsche

Porsche wheels

Victor Equipment Porsche Wheels. Founded for Porsche owners by a Porsche owner.

Our goal is to sell ultimate Porsche wheels for Porsche cars or Porsche SUVs. Almost every Porsche model requires a specific wheel application. The Porsche 911 requires a wider rear wheel than does the Boxster, while the Cayenne is the only Porsche that accepts a 22-inch wheel.

At Techmax, we make sure that we have the right wheel application for your Porsche. These wheels are designed to work with original Porsche air sensors (TPMS). To ensure a smooth ride, all of these wheels are hub-centric for Porsche. And, if itís the original Porsche cap and emblem you want on your wheels, these wheels are engineered to accept these.

Porsche cars and SUVs are made without compromise, and so should your wheels. Look to Techmax for all your Porsche wheel needs. Victor Equipment custom designed Porsche performance wheels comes in tree colors, black, silver and chrome.

The selection is varying from time to time, so please call us for for more details at † 905.795.0419



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