WiFi connected BMW

In Europe, new passengers cars are being equipped with WiFi enabled dashboard monitors. The connected car more and more becoming a standard on modern cars where you can surf the web and receive vital information about traffic, weather current events and more with the modern Wifi and cellular service enabled vehicles.

This technology will become more prevalent on new cars as this vehicles will be able to share data between each other as well to warn for traffic congestion, weather conditions and the like between cars as they’re traveling down on the road.

There are other considerations to have modern cars communicate true wireless means, they will be able to run self diagnostics and software upgrades behind the scenes without going to a service facility.

Location based advertisements may show up on your screen, to have a cup off coffee or tea  when you pass by your favorite coffee shop.


This technology is at our door’ step and will arrive very quickly, here to Canada and most of North America as well. According to the engineers, by 2016 around 100 million connected cars will be on the road sharing information between each other and the rest of the world.


The way it will work is at this moment looks like a WiFi antenna will be mounted externally, and a WiFi mobile hotspot will be embedded inside the vehicle. At the current rate it will cost just around $100 for 3G connection and about $200 for 4G connection.


In North America GM is very aggressively moving to produce  WiFi connected cars. Their technology is developed in Germany by Opel at GM’s European subsidiary .

However the front runner is Audi. Last year they introduced Audi Allroad with the WiFi hotspot. They also formed a brand new partnership with Google and the Android operating system.


2014 Audi AllroadNaturally there are a lot of parties interested in participating to have all this becoming a reality including Google and Apple and so forth. They will appear on BMW and Mercedes-Benz dashboard. Of course Honda enjoyed the race… They announced, they will support Apple too.

How date transfer will be priced, we don’t know yet… How expensive it will be, well time will tell…

The next step will be self driving cars…  in the near future, so stay tuned.


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