Yokohama AVID Ascend Tire

Yokohama Avid AscendOrange Oil Technology Created the Perfect YOKOHAMA Touring Tire

The ideal touring tire, with the optimum balance of extended tread life, all-season performance and superb fuel efficiency, has long been elusive. But it should come as no surprise that through Yokohama’s technologically advanced Orange Oil compound, Yokohama’s engineers created touring tire perfection.

Yokohama  AVID® Ascend™ is the world’s first touring tire to offer the Orange Oil difference.

By infusing Orange Oil, Yokohama improved the molecular bond between natural and synthetic rubber. The result? Optimized tread life, all-season performance and fuel efficiency.

AVID Ascend just may be the best touring tire available today.

Today’s Orange Oil technology has revolutionized the way we engineer touring tires.
And tests confirm it: The new AVID® Ascend™ eclipses the leading competitor and
conventional touring tires in mileage and rolling resistance.

This translates to a next-gen tire that lasts longer and is far more fuel efficient; a clear winner among its peers… and for any driver. Continue reading or contact us for more details at:  (1) 905.795.0419

Yokohama’s New Orange Oil Tire the AVID Ascend

Orange Oil, Yokohama’s New Recipe for its AVID Ascend Tires

Today everyone want as much quality and durability from their purchased new tire as possible. And that’s something Yokohama has always understood extremely well. As a result, the tire maker has never stopped looking for some of the newest and probably most original technologies to reach its goal, providing longer lasting and high quality tires. Its latest discovery? Orange oil!

Yokohoma AvidYokohama’s latest product, the AVID Ascend, a tire aimed at one of the most demanding tire segments, the premium touring market and this tire is one of the few that respect their environment.

And that is exactly what the new AVID Ascend is designed for. Indeed, by choosing orange oil, Yokohama engineers have not only contributed to reducing the use of petroleum-based oils in the production of tires, but this natural oil from orange peels infused with the natural and synthetic rubber of the tread compound has resulted in improved tread life and reduced rolling resistance.

Together, this tire helps both increase economic value by offering better fuel economy, but it also contributes to the protection of the environment!

The use of orange oil allows for less petroleum in the manufacturing process, a process that was first utilized in Yokohama’s groundbreaking dB Super tire.

However orange oil alone does not make wonder and this tire make your driving experience wonderful. Because Yokohama’s engineers have included an interlocking tapered center rib design that will give the tire better on-center feel and stability.

The cross-supporting shoulder blocks are there to enhance handling while the cross and circumferential grooves help to get maximum traction in wet weather performance.

Finally, the 3D sipes improve wear resistance.

Winter is just around the corner. Winter Tire from Yokohama, the iceGuard IG20 – coming soon! Read more...

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