Should you buy all wheel drive or two wheel drive car?

When you buy your car, should you buy all wheel drive, or two wheel drive could suffice?

This question comes especially important when we get some snow on the ground and people think because they bought a fancy high tech all wheel drive car or SUV all they need is the magic of all wheel drive to take them to their destination safely.

Sorry folks that’s not it, tires in particularly proper winter tires are the secret to a safe secure winter or foul weather driving . You can have the best all wheel drive system if your tires are not up to par with the winter weather.

One more thing; Please note, your brakes are getting to be destroyed if your tires are not capable of handling of the white stuff.

Your four wheel drive system uses the brakes to control wheel spin and slipping sliding, 2 ton moving mass which if the tires are lacking of proper traction will render them overwhelmed by the electronics trying to do their job properly and efficiently.

My advice is, as you buy proper foot ware you should do the same for your high tech automobile.

We wish you safe and secure winter driving,  Techmax’s team.


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