Mercedes-Benz on worn tires

Tires, as I always said, are one of the most important purchases a car owner can make.

Every part of your vehicle, does not mater its a Mercedes or BMW, or even a domestic car, but serves a purpose. For some nu-explained reason the tires are often forgotten. Having tires in good condition on your car can improve your fuel economy, handling, and most importantly your and others overall safety.

Regular professional service is imperative, so we can keep an eye on your vehicles condition. We provide this at no additional charge to our customers as an appreciation for the business on all the cars we maintain and service.

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

For instance in this case, we have not seen this Mercedes-Benz for forty thousand kilometers.  We performed a regular maintenance on the vehicle, and during the  complementary check up found both front tires are completely broken, sort of falling apart.  Virtually we just saved her life in this particular case.

Take a look at the next photo, I am sure you will agree with me.

worn tire on Benz

Your vehicle is a very complex machine shrugging off regular check ups is dangerous and negligent at best. Regular timely maintenance is vital to your cars life and proper performance after it’s your investment in both ways.

BMW alloy wheel
New alloy wheel, performance tire package installed on this BMW.

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