Original & After Market European Import Car Parts

Original European Import car parts, Like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Volkswagen are made to the strictest standards. Original parts are smoothing the way to your driving pleasure.

All parts are subject to the stringent tests and  are examined down to the last nut and bolt  to ensure they fit and function perfectly and that materials and surfaces are of to the highest quality.

To repair your European Import car with  original part, guaranteed top  quality and reliability for a long time to come.

Reliability and top performance are hardwired into original European Import car parts.   We tailor our support to our customer needs to ensure their car runs smooth and you as a customer satisfied with our service at every time.

Also cost effectiveness is part of this satisfaction. In many cases after market car part can be more cost effective or they can give better performance then original part. I know it sound strange…  but it is fact. Let me use two example.

At first is the Porsche  Boxster Catalyst Converter

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Plugged Boxster Catalyst Converter

The above on the photo is a Plugged Boxste’r Catalyst Converter. Boxster’s catalyst are very compact. This one needed to be replaced, because a malfunctioned oxygen sensor.  At first, timely service would prevent this costly problem.

At second: Catalysts are made of precious metals. They need the mixture in the engine to stay within a very narrow window or they self destruct due to overheating. Newer engine managements will try to save the catalyst by shutting down the problematic cylinder to save the  catalyst from excessive unburned fuel.

But it mean, the engine does not run smoothly.

A I said above, the Boxster’s catalyst converter are very compact, but with a little ingenuity we got around this problem, and we replaced the original one with a custom made Catalyst Converter. 

It works like a dream and the custom made replacement catalysts are higher capacity and better priced than the original converter. Therefore the original part is not always your best option.

Our custom made European Import Car catalytic converters are available at a significant discount from manufacturers suggested retail prices.

The other example is the Akebono’s brake system.

European Import Cars does not com with Akebono Brake pads installed. However Akebono’s After market brake disc pads contain the same materials, engineering, quality standards, and advanced technologies used to create their OE ceramic brake pads.

The use of Akebono ceramic brake pads ensures the best available brake performances.

Once again, Akebono brake pads is not original brake pads. It is an after market brake pad… but does much better job the the original brake pad.

Akebono ceramic brake pads provide better braking power, shorter braking  breaking distance and for extra, there is no brake dust at all.

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