High performance cars – high performance brakes

When, you have a performance car you must have performance brake. Like the first photo from down below. Bentley Continental GT, the front rotors and pads slightly over 3400.00 +installation +tax.

W12 twin turbo 6.2 liter with over 2.5 tonnes at speed needs some serious braking performance to bring to a stop. When you tell us to give you a break, we will literally. Ditto for the second picture, its 2016 BMW M///-X5 monster sized brakes.

We also had a classic Porsche 993 calipers re-manufactured and the entire system replaced with new rotors and pads to make it last for decades to come. We have waited 3 months to have this Porsche’s calipers professionally re-manufactured. I have to note it:  We have been looking after this Porsche a decade and a half, thru  2 owners.

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