The Importance of Proper Battery in BMW Automobiles

The battery and  the alternator is the most important component in any car’s electrical system. The  alternator provides electricity and the battery store it to run all of your fancy electronics when the engine isn’t running. When the engine is running, it plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the alternator’s voltage regulator.

Bosch BatteryBosch Batteries

To have enough clean reliable power source in a modern high tech automobile is a understatement,  with nearly a hundred individual computers on multiple networks,  all cars need a healthy, well maintained  battery to put electrical components to work. Ambient temperature has a significant impact on battery life and performance. Slow cranking on startup indicates that the battery may not be able to provide enough power to fire up the engine.

No matter how well you take care of it, eventually your car’s battery will wear out and you’ll need a replacement. The majority of BMW automobiles past 2006 demand the replacement battery to be registered in the engine ECU.  In many cases the battery should be replaced with a revised version to improve reliability. Registration and proper specification in the DME is crucial due to selective charging, which is an important part of the efficient dynamics platform.

The latest trend is lithium ion battery in the newer performance models which requires additional special care and dedicated charging equipment.

The majority of car owners approximately 78 % waits until their vehicle doesn’t start which is rather inconvenient.

Wouldn’t you rather know when it’s time to replace the aged weak battery and have it done properly by a qualified specialist?

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Midtronincs GR8-1200 Car Electrical System – Battery Tester, Analyzer

How to keep you car battery in top working condition.

Original BMW Batteries BOSCH Batteries

Original or High Performance BOSCH S5,  BOSCH S6 Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche.

Original or high performance Bosch batteries are available for your European import car. Original BMW Battery installed with warranty,  or BOSCH battery (the choice is yours).

BOSCH warranty include  60-month pro-rated warranty with a free replacement within 3 years from date of purchase. Some condition apply.

Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind because BOSCH batteries comes with North America wide roadside assistance, and with toll free 1.800 phone number.

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battery tester print out

Before you replace your European import car battery, book an appointment for your car’s electrical system testing.

To prevent breakdown and keep you on the road safely, we use Midtronincs GR8-1200 Electrical System Tester – Analyzer to check, test your automobile electrical system.

As you can see at left, the tester prints out the test result.

Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing short form is DSP provides the ability to analyze the amplitude level and frequency of the ripple pattern for improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes.

Midtronincs GR8 tests the starter current draw and Alternator current output, include DMM Function for Advanced Diagnostics

AC/DC Volts, Volts/Amps mode, Temperature, Ohm meter, AC/DC Amps, Scope mode, Diode test Patented Conductance Cable Drop Test.

Interactive test routines using dual cable sets for more effective analysis of voltage drop across ground circuit, starter system, alternator system, and generic system testing.

Midtronincs electrical sytem analizer in work

Midtronincs GR8-1200 in Work

Original or High Performance BOSCH Batteries for Your Fine BMW – Mercedes – Porsche!

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