Environmentally Friendly Brake Pads

For BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Mini.

Today we live in sensitive times, environmentally sensitive times.  Therefore we have numerous areas of the modern car and its components gone through multiple environmental revisions.

Car Tires and Brake Pads Are Going Through a Complete Change.

Two major changes come to mind: tires and brake pads are going through a complete change for a more environmentally friendly revisions. The framework for the copper and heavy metal free (more environmentally friendly) brake pads initiative has been laid down many years ago. In particular 2021 January was an important deadline for the brake pads’ friction material revisions.

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Please note, this is a voluntary agreement by all the major manufacturers but they all signed up and agreed to a binding process initiated by the state of California and Washington. Lately I started monitoring the brake pads environmentally friendly initiative by each respective manufacturer.

We do install a lot of brakes and have been interested in how manufacturers of cars and or the aftermarket brands take charge in this important matter. I mentioned at above,  originally it started in California and Washington state, but has been more or less voluntary in Canada.

Aftermarket Break Parts for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Mini.

To my surprise the aftermarket break parts manufacturers has been taking the lead so far.  We’ll see how it goes later, as I collect more data and keep an eye on the progress.

Please check the next photos out:  1st picture is BMW brake pad with a leaf symbol on. On the second photo is Textar brake pad from Germany, it has 3 leaf symbols on. The 3 is a Brembo Italian brake pad with 2 leaf symbol on. The 4-th brake pad is for Mercedes Benz with only a single leaf symbol on.

Environmentally Friendly Tire Technology – ECO Friendly Green Tires

Additionally the tire manufacturers are also taking charge in making more environmentally friendly tires, by using a blend of raw materials from more natural derivatives like dandelions, by Continental Tire. Orange peel by Yokohama Tire, Guayule by Bridgestone tire, and walnut shell in Toyo tires.  It’s quite interesting as these companies are taking the lead to provide a more sustainable product for the better.

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Brake Sets for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Mini.

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Yokohama’s New Orange Oil Tire the AVID Ascend

Orange Oil, Yokohama’s New Recipe for its AVID Ascend Tires

Today everyone want as much quality and durability from their purchased new tire as possible. And that’s something Yokohama has always understood extremely well. As a result, the tire maker has never stopped looking for some of the newest and probably most original technologies to reach its goal, providing longer lasting and high quality tires. Its latest discovery? Orange oil!

Yokohoma AvidYokohama’s latest product, the AVID Ascend, a tire aimed at one of the most demanding tire segments, the premium touring market and this tire is one of the few that respect their environment.

And that is exactly what the new AVID Ascend is designed for. Indeed, by choosing orange oil, Yokohama engineers have not only contributed to reducing the use of petroleum-based oils in the production of tires, but this natural oil from orange peels infused with the natural and synthetic rubber of the tread compound has resulted in improved tread life and reduced rolling resistance.

Together, this tire helps both increase economic value by offering better fuel economy, but it also contributes to the protection of the environment!

The use of orange oil allows for less petroleum in the manufacturing process, a process that was first utilized in Yokohama’s groundbreaking dB Super tire.

However orange oil alone does not make wonder and this tire make your driving experience wonderful. Because Yokohama’s engineers have included an interlocking tapered center rib design that will give the tire better on-center feel and stability.

The cross-supporting shoulder blocks are there to enhance handling while the cross and circumferential grooves help to get maximum traction in wet weather performance.

Finally, the 3D sipes improve wear resistance.

Winter is just around the corner. Winter Tire from Yokohama, the iceGuard IG20 – coming soon! Read more...

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