How often should you replace your car’s tire?

Are your car’s tires getting older? Be careful, they might turn into a time-bomb.

There are several factors that can effect a set of tires life time. At first the quality of the tire, than your driving style, and most important maintenance.

Yes tires need maintenance too, like keep them inflated to the factory recommended psi listed on the tires wall, and or owner’s manual. Than the rotation, they should be rotated at least every 10,000 km.

Check the alignment. Is your car pull one our an other direction? Can you see is irregular tire wear? Than you need to get your car alignment checked.

Another factor where do you live. For example if you live somewhere hot and you use tires with very soft compound. Those tires provide you with great handling and grip, but they wont last that long than a harder compound, less grip, and a firm ride tire.

Or if here in Canada, you use your winter tire at summer driving, winter tire are soft soft compound tires, basically you kill your winter tires, you just will leave a lot of rubber on the road.

There are on other factor, that no one really talk about here in North America. In Europe and in some Asian countries too, tire manufacturers inform customers about the dangers of old tires, and the very real dangers of driving on new tires that are actually six years old, or even older. But here in Canada, we are being kept in the dark.

Let me please explain it. You are driving you convertible, that you use only at summer time. The car has only thirty thousand km in the odometer, it looks like a brand new, it smell like a brand new, but it is 6 years old.

You checked the tires, you monitor the tire pressure at all the time, they look great. Plenty of tread, no bald spots, no wear and tear. They look like brand new too. However those tires could actually be ready to break apart at any moment.Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT

Do you remember Paul Walker’s deadly accident with the Porsche Carrera GT ( Fast & Furious Star)?

The final police report states it he’s body was going way too fast (who not with a car like that). The car only had 3300 miles in the odometer, but it was a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT super car. Because the big horsepower and the small size, it’s notoriously difficult to handle. Also had 9 years 4 moths old tires on the car. Even Porsche specifically says no older than 4 years old tires can be used on Porsche Carrera GT, due to six hundred plus horsepower .

Most tires manufacturers recommend replacing the tires at every 6 years or less due to compound degradation. Remember a tire is more than keep your vehicle roll down the road. A tire is more than a cushion between the road and the wheel rims. Your life, your family life and other’s life on the road depends on you tires, so it worth few seconds from your time to take a very close look at them.



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