Spring Car Maintenance on Your German Import Car

Performing spring maintenance on your German import car and on any other car is one, if not the best way to ensure your vehicle is safe and ready for the hot Canadian summer drives.

There are few things that every car owner should do. At first get a detailed car wash. Salt and other de icer chemicals can cause serious damage.

If you have winter tires on, change them for all season tires when the temperature is consistently around 7 Celsiuses.

Check the pressure in those all season tires, before you start to drive them. Usually tire’s temperature is dropping during cold winter storages. Incorrect tire pressure effects the car’s handling and the tires’ life time.

Brake maintenance. Salty slushy roads probably did some damage with your car brakes. Use the opportunity the check the brake when you change the winter tires. If you are not sure, than take your car to your mechanic.

The winter season really hard on engine oils. Oil change should be done list twice a year. It is a short term expense, that effects the engine’s life. Therefore this short term expense, will save you on long turn.


The simple oil change is not that simple anymore on your high tech German Import car


Electric system and battery check up, clean. Our winter season is harsh, the cold and salt and ice might cause corrosions. The battery terminals and cables should be inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Ice does not do anything good with the viper blades. If you drive a lot at winter time, there is a good chance those blades damaged. Inspect them and change them if they are not in perfect condition.

Than you need to check the brake fluid, the coolant, the transmission oil and hopefully your car is good to go for the time being.


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