Oil Filter Comparison

After market Made in China oil filter versa original Made in Germany MANN – HUMMEL Mercedes oil filter .

There’s a big difference as you can see, between a Mann  Genuine Oil Filter and a Chinese counterfeit, or Chinese after market oil filter. Although they look slightly similar when they are new, except after use they may destroy your engine by allowing foreign matter to wear out your precision build engine.

The old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Hmm… as you can see bellow it’s quiet self explanatory. Shall we say?

Oil Filter ComparisonA complete fail of any filtration what so ever, the problem is not where it was made. The problem is the quality. Unfortunately a poor quality oil filter may destroy a fine engine unnecessarily.

As a quality  Oil filter goes, they are actually among the most reasonably priced  components you can buy for your car. It’s  common sense not  to install inferior quality  filters since their purpose is to keep your engines vital components live longer.

The savings can’t be justified on a poor quality filter that’s applies to most other filters as well, but none of them as crucial as your oil filter is to your engine’s longevity, naturally goes hand in hand with a high quality motor oil.

We always thrive to provide your fine automobile  with the best there is available today to drive longer and further tomorrow.

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