BMW Performance That You Can Hear

The original factory made BMW performance silencer system does not just give your car a distinctive powerful sound, it also measurably improves throttle response.

High throughput reduces back pressure, so that exhaust gases are channeled away from the engine faster, enabling it to function more  efficiently.

BMW PerformanceTe results are clear to see and above all,clearer to hear. Even at low revs, the rich, deep engine note clearly hints at the reserves of power available. As hard you put your right food down, as hard will your pulse rate leap upwards.

The outer sign if this inner qualities can be found at the rear of the car, in shape of the tween tailpipes in chrome plated stainless steel.

The tween stainless steel tailpipes stripped down look gives the vehicle even more high tech appeal, and the powerful engine sound confirms the available power.

And as with all original factory made BMW performance products, the use of the latest CAD and FEA technology combined with strict internal quality assurance processes, ensures long component life.

The original factory made BMW Performance silencer system is available in two versions.

One for four cylinder gas engines and one for four cylinder gas  and diesel engines.

Both versions were designed to optimize the performance characteristics of the engine layout in question.

MagnaFlow Performance exhaust system  or MagnaFlow Racing exhaust system for your BMW

Magnaflow performance exhaust system

New Magnaflow exhaust system on BMW M3 Coupe

On the above photo you can see a BMW M3 with improved breathing true Magnaflow performance exhaust system.  The sound alone is worth the price, not to say the improved performance and lighter weight. Click on the next link to listen the sound of the Magnaflow performance exhaust. Play the file in your standard application

Visit our on-line photo album to see Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System on BMW, BMW M3 and on Mini Cooper. Also you can listen the sound and view the video from the photo album.

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