Lowered 3 Series BMW


If you ever read my blog, you may know by now, I’m not a big fan of people (most cases young drivers) lowering their cars, for many obvious reasons. One of them is as a picture shows, if you ever have a head on collision the X5, or with any other similar height SUV due to its ride height (and extra weight on top) will plow over the hood of the lowered 328i and may decapitate both the driver and the passenger at the front.

Lowered BMW 3 Lowered 3 Series BMW

This became a major concern of mine since my daughter started dating a young gentlemen whom has the “cool” lowered 3 series which she rides in occasionally. So I am as a father, concerned about her well-being. I have expressed my opinion about the subject to both of them and got them thinking about the possible consequences if their luck runs out.

This is for all the parents to know what is this new fashion can or capable to to their loved ones if their lowered car gets hit by some inadvertently. Therefore all you parents with teenage kids please let them know the consequences of dropping their car to the ground is might be cool, but it is dangerous, since it will perhaps kill or cripple them, if they get into an accident, and that is a unacceptable price to pay for any fashion item.

I have one more thing to say; Before you spend your hard earned money on lowering your vehicles suspension system, be a BMW or not, you should make sure it complies with the regulations. There are major changes to the Ontario safety regulations.

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