Yokohama Winter Tires

Do you really need winter tires? Wont all season radial tires
work at winter time?

Are you ready for winter? It is time to check your winter tires. It can be done with a Canadian Toonie ($2 coin). If the coin’s silver edge is covered only by the tire’s thread, if the tire fallen or worn down below 4 mm, then you should contact us.

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Yokohama Winter Tire, the iceGuard iG-20 for passenger car, is a tire that ahead of its time.

Yokohama Winter TireYokohama Winter Tire, the iceGuard iG-20



High Performance Yokohama  Tires


The other top of the line Yokohama Winter Tire is the Geolandar VT GO72

The new Yokohama Geolandar VT GO72 is equipped with Yokohama’s absorptive carbon flakes and resin coated shelled micro-bubbles that can cut trough watery film and grip, icy surfaces  on the road.

Yokohama Geolandar VT GO72’s aggressive trade pattern provides added grip, with the wider grooves. Those wide grooves flash away water and slash with easy.

Any of the two winter tire from Yokohama provide big help in winter driving condition.

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