My visit to BMW Welt, BMW World to Munich, Germany

Like other European automakers, BMW welcome visitors too at its headquarters in Munich, Germany. The beauty in it, you do not need to buy a car to see it. But trust me, if you spend a day there, you will think about to buy one…

BMW factory visitThe German car maker’s visitors center is BMW Welt,  (at the above photo) is provide  a very popular attraction.  An attraction that two million visitors visits, every year since opened it doors in 2007.

The German word Welt translated to English mean world, so BMW Welt stand for BMW World.

BMW Welt includes a car delivery, car pick up center where at around hundred new car owner pick up their new cars every day.

Check out the next video to see how the new car owners pick up their new BMW in BMW Welt’s car pick up center.

BMW factory

There are a lot of other things to see, like exhibits showcasing the company’s operations in new products development, design and production. The center even can host concert venues and  it comes with conference rooms. They think about the younger generation too, because they have Junior Campus for younger guests.

Visitors to BMW Welt can also stop by the BMW Museum at “next door” to check out the 120 original exhibits covering 90 years of BMW history laid out on a virtual roadway across 25 exhibition areas that close to half million visitors see each year.

BMW bike

Finally, visitors can also tour the company’s main plant in Munich where BMW produces the 3 Series sedan and wagon as well as the bulk of its engines.

BMW car engine

I was lucky enough to see all this above. I was lucky enough to spend a day in Munich with my family and we visited BMW World. I have to say, it is something, that I always will remember, and I think my son will remember too.

If you are planning a trip to Germany, you should find a day to spend in Munich. There are no other place in the world for car lovers, like the BMW world.

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