The actual cost of running your BMW, Mercedes or Porsche

The actual cost of running your BMW, Mercedes or Porsche in Europe.

There are some interesting cost to compare between two European countries and  Canada when it comes to your most common automotive consumables like fuel and motor oil.

In the summer I had the pleasure of driving true 3 countries, Austria,Germany and Switzerland and I could not help myself but notice the cost of fuel is nearly double in Germany and Austria and Switzerland.

I made the next picture in Switzerland at  August 21, 2014. The gas station is BP (British Petrol)

diesel price in EuropeGas & Diesel Price in Europe

Every time we filled up our diesel car we have seen 1.45 Euro and up for regular diesel and while I was hanging around the gas station I have noticed the astronomical price of high tech motor oil which was 35 Euro at the Shell station per liter.

receiptGas Receipts from Europa

As you can see on the above receipt, I paid for 20 liter diesel fluid 56 Euro, which is around 80 Canadian dollar.

About the motor oil price, I thought it was a mistake so I have taken multiple pictures at multiple stations just confirm it has not been a pricing error and it wasn’t.

Now I know why the European manufacturers want to keep the oil changes to an extended period.

I’m sure the wages are slightly higher in Europe but not in the relation to the 35 Euro per liter of motor oil, which is at the time of the exchange was more than 50 Canadian dollars.

Shell’s motor oil price from  in Germany.

Shell Motor Oil Shell Motor Oil

I also noticed the number of small cars and medium cars with rather small engines are very common in those countries and to boot the majority is diesel as well.

Please take a look at for the price of Castrol motor oil. I  made the photo in in Switzerland (BP gas station) in August 2014.  What is our price?

CastrolCastrol Motor Oil in Europa

So next time if you think how fortunate we are considering the prices in Europe, perhaps you may enjoy your daily driving more , have a happy and safe motoring  in this part of the world.

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