Mercedes ML-GL-R Corroded Sensor

If you own a late model Mercedes ML-GL-R class, side detection warning malfunction might happen as a result of prematurely corroded sensors.

Random warnings going off and having a “ghost”in your Mercedes. You may have this sensors severely corroded, and the corroded sensor can cause all sorts of electrical issues.

For example random no start issue, this could be your car actual problem. The corroded sensors clearly visible on the photos at next.  The sensors are literally rotten away. Hard to believe these sensors are only 2 years old.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photos.

I don’t think we need to say more, salt and salt brine will cause havoc with this radar sensors.  It’s clearly a design flaw.

Perhaps plenty of car washes will help in the winter to reduce the radar sensors to be corroded prematurely.

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