Today’s Modern European Cars Engine

Today we live in sensitive times, environmentally sensitive times, so modern engines from their respective manufacturers are rather complicated as they are squeezed from every direction.

The result of that the modern ICE (internal combustion engine) is shrinking in an alarming but progressive way over the years. We have seen the ploriferance of unusual and rather complicated systems as we are trying to squeeze every fuel molecule to burn more cleanly and provide more energy in the process.

The problem with all of this technological marvel’s of engineering, they are rather fragile and you need a plethora of special tools, plus dedicated and well-educated technicians whom are versed on this complex systems.

We at Techmax invest heavily on the technical know how and special tools to be able to fix some rather complex problems.

Mini Cooper Vanos

Here at down below are some pictures to attest to that. 2015 Mini Cooper Vanos (variable camshaft adjuster in German) issues which requires a jig to time the engine and some finesse to fix the problem at hand.

BMW N55 Engine

Then another complicated 2011 BMW N55 engine issue has been the valvetronic system failure, which in turn damaged the engine computer in the process by overloading the electrical system. Took some effort to correct the issue at hand but be assured it works as intended from here on.

I just wanted to show you a few examples why do you need a specialist in today’s complicated ICE engines and electronic systems.

Photos of a 2011 BMW N55 Damaged Engine

The first photo is a  2011 BMW N55 damaged engine computer, the other tree is 2015 Mini Cooper three cylinder engine and its camshaft adjuster.

Click on any of the next images to view in bigger.

Mini B38 Vanos adjuster failure causing multiple cylinder misfires in all cylinders. The engine under “surgery” with special jigs to be timed up to secure the timing chain.

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