Damaged injector replacement on BMW X5.

In case you own a BMW X5 with a 6 cylinder N55, or Diesel engine you may want to check your vehicles firewall partition so you don’t end up with seized damaged injectors, due to acid rain and washer fluid leaking into the top engine cavity, underneath the decorative engine cover.

BMW X5 with a 6 cylinder N55, or Diesel engine

Here is a perfect example of not replacing those essential firewall partitions in time and dealing with serious engine repairs later.

BMW X5 injector

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This X5’s #6 injector has been ripped apart by someone, trying to extract it from being fused to the cylinder head. Additionally, he also damaged #5 in the process. I had to make a special tool for this occasion, so I can extract the remaining piece out of the cylinder head, without the removal of the entire head which would be $$$$$.

This whole predicament could be prevented if the partition walls were replaced earlier.

This is a perfect example why you should take your luxury vehicle to a specialist, as we all know this is a common issue on these vehicles.

I appreciate the knowledge of a general practitioner or doctor, but you can get brain or heart surgery only from a specialist.  Correct ? (I didn’t intend to offend any doctors in here, this is only meant to highlight each has their own fields of specialty for obvious reasons.)

Folks you have bought a luxury automobile, so please give it a proper care or you will spend way more trying to resurrect it. We care, do you?

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How to extract a severely corroded injector on a 2012 X5 E70 with the N55 engine?

Severely corroded injector removal on a 2012 X5 E70 N55 engine

How to extract a severely corroded injector on a 2012 X5 E70 with the N55 engine?

Today’s project has been how do extract a severely corroded injector, buried deep in the cylinder head, without damaging the cylinder head and the surrounding areas on a 2012, BMW X5 E70 with the BMW X5 E70?

We pay attention, as it is part of our service package to report, as we did in this case, the importance of the firewall partitions can’t be ignored.

The plastic partitions will break over time from heat degradation and will allow washer fluid, snow,  and rain to flood the top of the engine.  You can clearly see the pink washer fluid residue on the casting cavity around the injector .

A simple injector replacement became a major undertaking as the washer fluid, which is corrosive fused the injector into the cylinder head.

You can compare the broken partitions at front to the new ones in the box, it’s actually made out of 3 pieces.

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This silly looking but rather important components can cost plenty by damaging vital engine components inadvertently. Took me 4 hours to weld and extract the damaged injector tip.

You can compare them on the picture, the way it should look and the welded corroded tip after hours of struggle.

Proper timely maintenance cost less on the long term. Lucky owner the cylinder head didn’t need to be removed and replaced.

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