New BMW i8 roadster and the BMW M4CS reveal

We are pleased and humbled by the invitation of the all new BMW M4CS and i8 roadster pre-auto show reveal with a private dinner reception hosted by BMW Canada. Wow what an experience! The reception was held at QRC West 134 Peter street in Toronto, just a short distance from the Canadian Auto Show at Front Street .

BMW diinerNaturally the food, the cars, the architecture all has been top notch and last but not least, the service has bean absolutely flawless.

Thank you BMW Canada for the eventful memorable evening, we appreciate the effort put in this event in one word, amazing.

We had the chance to pick our seat and long behold we choose the seat by MR. Hans Blesse the CEO and president of BMW Canada whom joined us after we occupied our seat at the table,  he has been our host for the evening.

As luck has it, we had a wonderful conversation with numerous BMW Canada employees during the evening including Mr. Blesse, whom we shared countless car stories, especially BMW automobiles were the main subject.

We truly enjoyed the conversations, as we found out MR. Blesse is also a car enthusiast as he knows cars inside out and has been a real pleasure to spent an evening talking about the wonders of German BMW engineering.

The evening has been a real surprise, as any car nut would tel you like myself, I was like a kid in the candy store so to say.  We had the pleasure to see the new hot cars, the BMW i8 roadster is a beauty and the BMW M4CS is a beast on it’s own, ultra light weight performance machines and last but not least, the new M5 was also present with a unique select able four wheel or 2 wheel drive as a proper autobahn burner that is.

CEO of BMW CanadaMr Hans Blesse  CEO of BMW Canada with myself.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Blesse and all the other BMW Canada employees, whom worked tirelessly to make this very special event possible with a flawless execution. There is no way to describe an event like this with words, you really had to be there to appreciate the atmosphere the cars the food and the people whom made this event one of it’s kind anywhere.

We were absolutely delighted in many ways, thank you again and all the best we hope to see all next year again.

I was free to use my camera, and I made several photos.

BMW i8 roadsterAt left on the photo is the new BMW i8 roadster, next to the new coupe.  The roadster’s color combination is a limited edition, the year one first 200 will be this copper colored.

Canada will receive only 25 of them in total, so it will be a collectible as years pass by.

Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo and there are more photos on our   on-line photo album.

Thanks  for reading it.

Attila Jasszai, president  of Techmax Auto Repair In.