The new BMW M6-Series Coupé

BMW did not hesitated to enhance the range of the new 6-Series Coupé with an M sport package.

The new package include diesel engine, which is the first time in the 6-Series model. Also it available with company xDrive, all-wheel-drive system.

New BMW M6

There are some more features, which included an M aerodynamics package,  with uniquely designed front fascia, side skirts and rear fascia.

The M Sport package comes with exhaust tips in black chrome, black-painted brake calipers, LED fog lamps.

Of course it comes with a  sports exhaust system (for the BMW 650i Gran Coupe) and the choice of wheels in two sizes. 19-inch light-alloy wheels in M double-spoke design or 20-inch light-alloy wheels in M double-spoke design.

Future car owners, who are  ordering the M Sport package may also choice paint finish too. Their options are: the M paint finishes Carbon Black metallic and Imola Red non-metallic.


Lets talk about lighting. LED fog lamps is one thing that you can find only on few cars, the other is the HID lights.


Day time running lights re-programing
Xenon Lights (HID)


The first HID lights were born in 1991, by BMW engineers at BMW.  At first we saw HID light on the road in 1991 on 7 Series  BMW.

HID lights have been a big hit ever since. Today very easy to find after market HID lights kits that are a match for just about  for any kind of automobile, doesn’t matter, it is an import or domestic car.

If you are interested in your vehicle being both safer, and much more attractive looking, HID lights are the way to go. HID lights make sure you can see in any weather condition, what ever, it is night storm or snow storm of fog.  HID light help you at anytime, anywhere   to get your and your passenger safely to  home or to  work or anywhere else.

At Techmax, we have a wide  variety of BMW HID lights kits  available to you. We carry original and after-market kits too. The choice is yours and it depends on your car too. There are different kits for older models, and different kits  for newer models.

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