Original BMW Parts

Drive with pleasure, guaranteed.

Years of driving pleasures with original BMW parts.

For example original BMW clutches make light work of long distances. Even after 120,000 km, the surface on both sides is only worn down, by 1 – 1,5 mm or even less.

Original BMW Clutches are hydraulically operated, and therefore maintenance free. High precision German engineering means, that this Original BMW Part can easily handle any driving condition, at any normal driving temperatures.

Trust performance, reliability and expertise – which are our trademark.

Choose quality parts for your quality car. Ask us how.

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Original High Power BMW Spark Plugs.

Original BMW Spark Plugs ignite in style, they contain platinum and or Iridium for more robust ignition.  Both precious metals and extremely resistant to chemical process in the combustion chamber and prevent the soot build up, typically associated with stop and go traffic.

Original BMW spark plugs ensure reliable, safe ignition and optimum combustion on the fuel air mixture. This in turn, lowers consumption and extends the operating life of catalytic converters.

Original High Power BMW Spark Plugs are tailored to BMW engine electronics.

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