We Repair & Maintain Ferrari too

As I stated at above we rapier and maintain Ferrari as well.

Tony enjoys working at Techmax, European Import Car Inc. He is the best European import car technician, you will find around GTA.

Ferrari Repair

In fact he’s with us since we opened. We enjoy the challenges of working on modern cars. It’s a hobby and a passion and lifestyle in one.

Tony has been licensed for many years now. He has been on many trade competitions and brought home top awards from them. You can see the awards on our office – waiting room’s walls.



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The car is at above one of those rear Ferrari 308 GTS-I in factory yellow. It is a beautiful car. It build to drive on the no speed limit highway… but there is not so many around anymore.

It does not matter how fast and how powerful and how well build, it needs proper maintenance too.

Timing Belt Replacement – Maintenance on a S-8 Audi

S-8 Audi Repair

Tony hard at work replacing the timing belt, water pump, the rollers plus the tensioners  as a package.

This imported maintenance ensure longevity on this fine, high performance Audi S-8.