Four Wheel Alignments

The Importance of Computerized Four Wheel Alignments

The most important factors to ensure a long life for your tires is to perform a four wheel alignment under standard maintenance intervals. The vehicle which is properly aligned will ride smoother more comfortably than a misaligned vehicle and will last longer and corner predictably under any road conditions.

Practically it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is front, rear or all wheel driven since there are specifications provided by the vehicles manufacturer. It’s essential to perform a proper alignment on a late model computerized alignment system to achieve maximum accuracy at all times.

4 wheel alignment

Work in progress on Hoffmann (German) 3 D Computerized Alignment Machine in our alignment shop. Click on the thumbnail to view bigger photo.

Alignments should be performed every second year at latest to compensate for suspension component changes over time and counter the effects of road damage to the suspension components.

A precision tuned aligned suspension not just safer but saves fuel and suspension and tire wear as tires are intended to last a very long time by their respective manufacturers.

An out of alignment vehicle may pull or drift and corner poorly due to the drive train reacting to the vehicles misaligned tires. It’s literally becomes a tug of war between components which in turn may cause additional problems, for example  in foul weather may cause a loss of control, if not corrected properly.

Please do yourself, your family and your car a favour by maintaining your vehicle properly. We are here to help to get you there safely. We wish you all the best from your BMW, Mercedes, Porsche technicians at Techmax.

We aim to set your alignment to be the best and most precise possible with our state of the art brand new precision built Hoffmann wheel alignment system.  Please feel free to call (1) 905.795.0419 to make an appointment


Hoffmann alignment computer machine, with high tech (3D) imaging technology to provide you the most accurate precision guided alignment for your money. Continue Reading…


BMW Alignment

Hoffmann (German) Computerized 3D Alignment Machine

You can’t do a proper alignment on a state of the art automobile without a state of the art alignment machine. Our choice in equipment is the Hoffman 3D imaging alignment machine.

Hoffman alignment machineHoffman 3D Alignment Machine

We have just invested in a new German ( Hoffmann) top of the line scissor lift and the best alignment machine with the dual auto tracking camera system equipped wheel aligner.

Worth to note: As you can see on the photos the Hoffman 3D imaging alignment machine clamps on the tire not on the rim, preventing any rim or paint damage on the rim.

Also we balance our customer’s wheels on a Hoffman laser wheel balancer. This German made wheel balancer measures the wheel and tire with a laser beam, and calculates the weights needed for a smooth ride.

Our Hoffman laser wheel  balancer also detects any rim and tire damage, if there is any.

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