COVID-19 & Your Car Climate Control System

We would like to announce a special climate control service, which may help remove most pathogens, including viruses to prevent an infection.

To do our part we will sanitize, clean your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning (climate control) system by applying a special cleaning agent and installing an extremely efficient cabin air filter, which contains a special anti viral poly-phenol and activated charcoal layers to trap any possible infections from air borne bacteria and volatile organic compounds as well.

High Performance Cabin Air Filter

Please note this particular high performance, specialty cabin filter, at left, is not available from their respective vehicle manufacturers as it is an improved version of the regular cabin filter assemblies.

The two application together will kill all the present contamination and meant to remove all the incoming pollutants bacteria, volatile organic compounds and the exhaust fumes by neutralizing most pathogens to help you breath cleaner air while travelling within your vehicle.

Please inquire within-only by appointment and subject to availability.

climet control service Special climate control service for Benz & BMW to remove most pathogens from the cabin and from the air conditioning system.


Air Conditioning Service for European Import Cars

Our mission is to provide you and your family( our clients ) with a unique health conscience service as your health is our main business and #1 priority, therefore we are still offering:

    • No contact vehicle drop off and pick up if you feel more comfortable to conduct your vehicle service that way.
    • We have a drop box by our front door to the left of the building where you can place your vehicle’s key into an envelope and describe the work you would like us to perform. You will need to put a dollar amount you authorize (with your signature please) to perform, which we can quote you over the phone.
    • We are offering you a convenient, over the phone payment, by credit card.
    • We also can lock your key in the vehicle for no contact pick up, if you have a spare key, if not we can coordinate it with you to make it convenient and touch or contact less if you are concerned.
    • We are disinfecting sanitizing the keys upon pick up and return and all our employees will be wearing disposable protective gloves to keep you and your family safe.
    • Naturally we do sanitize the doors the handles and the waiting area multiple times daily if you decide to come in in person.

Please read our full article about what we do as a car repair shop to flatten COVID – 19’s curve.

Climate Control Service for Your BMW, Porsche, Mercedes & Mini

Thank you for your business and support. Appreciate your understanding, all the best and stay safe.

Attila Jaszai
President of Techmax Auto Repair Inc.

Telephone: 905.795.0419


BMW air-conditioner repair & preventative maintenance

Detailed air conditioning system’s inspection  needs to be done in every year even on your high end European Import Car – otherwise it might cost you more at the end.

BMW Air Condition Disinfection

At first, if your car’s A/C smells the system must be disinfected.

 Your car air conditioning should be checked for proper operation and Freon charge at least once a year. Freon is very hard to contain in an automotive system. The reason is your air conditioning compressors operates at all different speeds due to engine RPM. The rest of the system is comprised of many dissimilar materials that expand and contract at different rates and along with the  movement of the engine, this allows a minute amount of Freon to escape.

Aiir Condition Disinfection European Import Cars’ Air Condition Disinfection

This is normal and that’s why the system should be checked for a low charge.  You’re probably asking yourself does that mean I have a leak;  probably not, at least not significantly.

Freon in the A/C system carries the refrigerant oil

Checking the amount of Freon in the system is very important because the Freon in the A/C system carries the refrigerant oil through the system to lubricate moving parts and seals.  Insufficient Freon can damage the compressor, expansion valve and seals resulting in very costly repairs.

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