Victim of the cold road – 2015 BMW M4

The season is approaching fast, summer is on the way finally.  However cold mornings are still here to stay for now, which makes spirited driving tricky especially on worn tires.

Look at the pictures, they can attest to it.  2015 BMW M4 became the victim of the cold road, because of worn performance tires.

worn performance tire Worn Performance Tire

The entire left suspension, the alloy rim, the rest of the suspension links are all bent. Cost of the repair will be over six thousand dollars to bring it back to normal position.

All the parts on the next photo required to be replaced as illustrated.

bmw suspension parts

The owner will be lucky, if the axle shaft the sub frame and the limited slip differential survived this ordeal. Young inexperienced driver, high horse power, worn performance  tires on cold road is a dangerous mix, the results speak for themselves.

damaged BMW M4Underneath the damaged BMW M4

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