The BMW X3 is the best selling luxury brand in North America and in the United States

2012 BMW X32012 BMW X3

BMW is expanding its Biggest North American factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, US. The company has announced it will invest minimum $990 million  into the facility over the next three years to increase the production to 350,000 vehicles annually.

Currently, the Spartanburg assembly plant produces the BMW X3 (see the above photo), X5 and X6.  BMW says the company  expects to see an increase in CUV demand in the coming years.

BMW has already committed to strength its presence in the crossover market with the introduction of  the upcoming X4 model.

The BMW X3 is the car, that helped the German car maker grow to become the best selling luxury brand, not just only  in the United States, but in North America too.

BMW X3 was the best selling luxury car in US in first time in the company’s history last year.

The model saw more then double increase in global sales to a total of 117,944 units, and 27,793 of those found new owners in US.

Presently, 70 percent of the vehicles built in Spartanburg are exported to other markets around the world.

The facility built 276,065 vehicles, in 2011, which marks an increase of 73 percent over 2010. The plant originally opened in 1994, and BMW is currently celebrating the 2 millionth vehicle  produced since in there.

Why the BMW X-3 is so popular?

The BMW X3 is the best compact 4×4 you can buy, and that’s why the BMW X3 is the SUV of 2011. It’s classy, practical and good to drive. The engines are very efficient, too, and standard kit pretty generous.

With 28 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up (flip  them forward for 63 cubic feet). It makes the latest X3 a very comfortable  family car.

The base X3  comes with 240-hp engine.  The xDrive35i  comes with a turbocharged 306-hp engine.

Both X3s also get a shift able eight speed automatic transmission with dual clutch system. Read more about dual clutch system

The 2012 X3 is smooth in city driving and can be sporty around corners. It “behaves” like a sport sedan. If you take it to the limit, the drivers aids like stability control, traction control, kicks in only after the sound of spinning tire  and some burned rubber smell. This is really fun car to drive…

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