Pine Cone BMW 3 Series

pine cone BMW

A BMW 3 series became the home of the squirrels’ food stash, for one it is a fire hazard 2 it may destroy the belt and perhaps could cause permanent engine damage if not caught early enough .

Sometime it is worth to not to take our cars for granted and open the hood and take a quick peak under just to see if all is well.

The owner of this vehicle had no idea that he’s beloved BMW became a food stash for the local squirrels. We had to lower the lower engine cover to remove about half a bucket of pine cones. Lucky the little guy wasn’t there anymore.

more pine cones

As you can see, there was more pine cones also under the intake manifold. After there were no more room at the front of the engine, this little squirrel kept on going and stored more pine cones under the manifold.  Piling them away wherever there was any void, in this case under the intake manifold.

Once again, its worth to open the hood every now and then and take a look at under it, just to see if all is well.

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Attila Jasszai
President of Techmax Auto Repair Inc


How can you prevent  squirrels not to move into your car’s engine bay?  Tips and tricks from Toronto Wildlife Center.