Michelin Tire Against Yokohama Advan Sport Tire

Michelin Tire next to Yokohama tire

Did you know that, Yokohama Advan Sport tire is the choice of some of the most coveted car manufacturers, like Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, just to mention a few?

Because Yokohama Advan Sport Tires made with NANO technology, with layering of the rubber.

Also Yokohama Advan Sport will stay super quiet over the years. I guess that says it all.

If you ever had a noisy tire on your fine car, than you know that, that is one of the most annoying and bothering thing, that could have ruins the whole driving experience.

One more thought. You can see the Yokohama Advan’s label on the tire at right. The left tire is a used Michelin. Both tire marked as the same size, however the Yokohama is almost 1 inch wider…

Looks like, who ever choose Yokohama, will get more rubber for the money,  but if you buy tire, than that would be your money, so you decide.