How can I keep my BMW running well for a long time?

The secret of keeping your car longer than average is in your hands. We often get the question how can I keep my car running well for a long time? Well it’s all about the maintenance and proper care of your vehicle. This apply for  any cars,  not just only for BMW.

We currently own a 2006 325-i with 406876 kms and running just fine. How’s that possible? The secret is regular maintenance and addressing issues before they escalate into an expensive repair.

BMW Speedometer

This particular vehicle belonged to one of our loyal client, he drove it to 330 thousand kilometers without any major repairs, except we have done oil change at every ten thousand kilometers since 60 thousand kilometers onward.  Also serviced the automatic transmission regularly at every hundred thousand kilometer.  She still has it’s original automatic transmission, and its still works well. Naturally we use exclusively German made oils and fluids to keep components well lubricated for decades to come.

The funny part is, the manufacturer BMW never thought she will last this long as the service reminder refused to reset after 350 thousand kilometers.

This 325-i is in our fleet as a daily driver to randomly pick up small parts or supplies from our vendors.

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