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Does your BMW, Mercedes Benz or Porsche needs a Tune-up?

In the old days cars had carburetors,  condensers, distributors, distributor caps with rotors, etc.. Than we had to adjust ignition timing and valves. All of this was checked, (and a lot of more) adjusted, spark plugs changed via tune-up.

What about tune-up on today’s modern vehicle?

Most car owners talk about tune-up when they run into some kind of drive ability problem. The vehicle may be hard to start, has poor fuel economy or hesitates at will under acceleration.

Then they decide to see their technician (mechanic) to resolve the issue. Does it sound familiar?

Does your BMW, Porsche or Mercedes really need tune-up?

Let me  say few things about tune-ups before I say yes or no.

German built cars controlled by computers, monitored by sensors since late 1980s. Ignition timing is controlled and adjusted by the engine computer, as the idle speed and the fuel – air mixture. Computers make sure, the idle speed is right  and various emission controls functioning properly.

The computers “tune” the engines until the yellow “check engine” light comes on, and you are wondering;  What just happened?

Please let me tell you on late model direct injection engines from the leading manufacturers may require special procedures to be performed in order to optimize the combustion process. Replacing spark plugs used to be a simple task, not any more.

If you don’t install the proper plugs or have them installed improperly, at best will result in engine misfire, at worst may burn a hole into the piston assembly, rendering the engine destroyed in the process.

Improper air filter may destroy your air mass meter or a poor quality oil filter may destroy your engine, since many of this cars have variable map controlled oil pressure system which reduces the oil pressure at lower engine speed to conserve energy by reducing pumping losses.

Modern engines from top manufacturers are extremely sensitive to Improper parts, components fluids and the like. Modern engines  very precisely made efficient wonders of engineering where every part has been optimized for efficiency and performance.

To answer the question; “Does your European luxury vehicle need a tune-up“? My answer is no, it does not need tune-up if we define the word tune-up on the old fashioned way, but if you want to keep your car in top working condition, it needs preventative maintenance.

Please protect your investment, get your car serviced by knowledgeable specialists whom are experts in the field of German light weight engineering marvels.

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