European Import Car Diagnostics

We often get the question, do we charge for diagnostics?

In short yes we do, but let me explain, at next is 3 perfect examples of modern European car issues which no scanner would ever find out, no matter where it was made or designed .

Case number one is a well maintained BMW X3 with  random misfire, at idle only and only intermittently. We have double checked all the usual culprits like fuel and spark management the only thing left out is air management.

The air gets in when the valve opens. There has been no misfire at cold start only, as the engine started to slow down after cold start, the misfire would return. This N52 BMW engine is operated by valvetronic system which starts with a maximum lift of 8.5 mm of all the valves to aid in starting and then will reduce the valve lift to a single valve only to 0.3 mm .

Knowing how the system works is job#1 , after shutting down the engine it goes into maximum lift so when we disconnected the hall sensor for the valvetronic she reverts back to regular engine operation by using the throttle body.

Doing that we found, there was a smooth idle in that case which confirmed there is an air management issue at hand. Before going to check the eccentric shaft or rocker we removed the intake manifold to inspect the inlet port and we found a broken flap embedded in the intake port, blocking the air path into #6 cylinder hence the misfire issue at idle only.

The second case was a seized turbo charger pin to the wastegate where the owner got quoted 3 thousand to replace.  It took a little effort and some time to unseize the pin.  We lubed it, tested it, passed the test and 3 thousand dollars is saved by checking the wastegate operation.

Case #3; The Lamborghini  Aventador at above, wouldn’t start.  Started with a low voltage issue which prompted a battery replacement.  After all it was caused by the hydraulic pump which issue is promptly fixed and car is back on the road. Check our Facebook out for more Lamborghini’s photos.

This 3 examples I brought up, just to show you;  We don’t charge for diagnostics, we charge for knowledge.

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BMW diagnostics

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