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I need to vent on this one, yesterday while we were doing an alignment I have noticed the rear tires on a M3, down below looks super skinny.

What gives?

I decided to take a measuring tape to the face of a bunch of tires surfaces area.  I have taken measurements on the 5 brands pictured in here, Michelin, Pirelli,  Bridgestone, Continental and Yokohama. You be the judge to see how much you, the client getting cheated by the big fancy (profitable?) tire companies.

The Michelin on the M3 barely passed the 210 millimeters, should be 265 mm. We were doing a very late X5 with the usual staggered fitment rear ones should be on that Pirelli  315 mm. Look at the tape measure barely shows 255 mm. I get upset at this, someone is cheating in here big rubber is doing some funny business.

This is like you order a pound of cold cuts at your grocery store, and they give you 300 grams, what a heck? How many of your tire people will know which tire will give you the widest patch, especially at the chain retail.

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We have compared several brand name tires, by size, with photos next to each other. Tire sizes diameters and widths are different, you need to be careful with your selection as you can see it above.

Visit our brand name tire comparison web page and make your informed decision. We already made ours.

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