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Oil filters are the most often replaced part on a vehicle, there are times when some oil filters can be a pain to replace. Removing a spin on oil filter when changing oil is supposed to be an easy job: just unscrew the old filter, catch the oil that dribbles out and screw on and hand tighten a new filter.

As many of you know, what normally should take no more than 30 seconds or so often takes much, much longer because of the filter’s location. Many filters are mounted where they’re extremely difficult to reach even when the vehicle is up on a lift.

On many applications, filter accessibility is a joke because the oil filter is mounted on the wrong side of the engine hidden above or behind a cross member, steering rack, FWD half shaft, brackets, hoses, motor mounts, engine accessories, exhaust pipes and anything else some engineer could hang in the way to make assembly easier at the factory.

It makes you wonder if they forgot that the filter is supposed to be replaced periodically for preventative maintenance. To make matters worse, the filter may refuse to turn when you put your wrench on it. Read More…

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