About Motor Oils for BMW – Mercedes – Porsche & Other Luxury Cars

Whilst both car engine and oil technology advancements has resulted in dramatically increased service intervals from 4,000 to 10,000 plus kilometers, a major problem is becoming increasingly apparent.

Some car owners are unknowingly imposing upon themselves a false sense of security by assuming that their oil only needs to be changed in conjunction with their 10,000 or 15,000 kilometer mechanical service. Unfortunately, they are in danger of damaging their car’s engine, therefore minimizing its life.

Fuchs Titan Motor OilWhy? Because, owners haven’t checked the section of their vehicle manual to identify personal driving habits, and under what conditions the 10/15,000 kilometer oil change periods do not apply.

These conditions greatly affect the life of the engine oil, and consequently the engine. In fact, today’s engines, generally last about 200,000 kilometers, however, if well looked after, can achieve as much as 500,000 kilometers without major overhauls. A big difference car owners need to understand!

In fact we have some clients with high km in their BMW. Some of them way over three hundred thousand and one with nearly four hundred and fifty thousand kilometers of daily driving. With proper maintenance, proper oil change these German Import Cars can serve you and your family for a long time. Continue reading about these BMW with high km in...

Vehicle manufacturers are designing their engines to take SAE IOW-30 type Oil, (now the highest selling grade in the USA), and in some instances, even lighter. These reduce friction, help improve fuel consumption and assist in the reduction of exhaust emissions, all very positive benefits if the right driving conditions apply.

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The trend to use these lower viscosity oils is becoming more common, but like the heavier viscosity oils such as 20W-50, they will still suffer from fuel dilution, resulting in oil thinning.

The fuel enters the oil on cold start-up and depending upon the driving condition of the vehicles, may or may not be vaporised out.

What most drivers don’t know is, that water vapor, unburnt petrol and blow by gases from the combustion process overload the oil which combine to produce sludge deposits.

It takes about 20 kilometers from a cold start to fully warm up the engine oil and reduce the rate of fuel contamination. Continue Reading…

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